Clips of various Fat Snax emails

Fat Snax

Email Designs


  • Email Design


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Klaviyo

About This Project

The Fat Snax brightly branded email designs were created to advertise the Fat Snax products, keto-friendly cookies and crackers. These graphics focus on playfulness and humor, utilizing a variety of emojis and puns to engage the audience and grow their fanbase.

The designs were crafted to reflect the brand's fun and energetic personality, while also highlighting the health benefits of their keto-friendly snacks. This playfulness added a touch of lightheartedness and humor, making the emails stand out in a crowded inbox and building a loyal following among the company's target audience.

Fat Snax April Fools email design
Fat Snax March Madness email design
Fat Snax cookie butter email design
Fat Snax March meal plan email design
Fat Snax keto snack pack email design
Fat Snax keto mozz sticks email design